PBrochure 004Custom Silicone Technologies LLC ensures that all materials sent out are of the highest quality, meeting or exceeding customer require­ments and expec­tations.  Our trained Lab Techni­cians use Computerized Test Equipment to validate the quality of all final material before it is sent to the customer.  Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to CST. 

President Collin “Buddy” Francis is Custom Silicone Technologies’ onsite chemist, with over twenty-five years of experience working in all phases of the Silicone Industry.  In the early 1980’s, Buddy worked as a Chemist and Quality Assurance Manager for Dow Corning.  While holding these titles, he serviced both the Laboratory and Production Departments, and became an expert in Silicone Compounding and Specifications Management.  In the early 1990’s, Buddy joined Precision Silicones, a much smaller firm.  He became the Chief Chemist and Quality Assurance Manager, where he was responsible for creating all formulations and ensuring product quality.  Within a few years, due to its success, Precision Silicones was acquired by the German based industry giant, Wacker Silicones.  Buddy became the Technical Director, where his duties included technical interface with cus­tomers and creating formulations for all compounds. After almost fifteen years with Wacker Silicones, Buddy accepted a position as the Operations Manager for Global Silicones, Inc.

customer_commitment_clip_image004After his tenure at Global Silicones, Buddy decided the time was right to form his own company, Custom Silicone Technologies LLC. His vast knowledge of the silicone industry enables CST to produce silicones of the highest quality and cost effective­ness, tailored to each customer’s requirements.