PBrochure007Custom Silicone Technologies LLC (CST) has proven itself as a supplier of high quality materials at competitive prices.  Our Technical, Production and Quality Personnel have extensive knowledge and experience in the Silicone Industry.  They have worked for some of the largest names in the business and have acquired the best attributes from each. We guarantee each customer will receive only the highest quality compounds.

CST was formed in order to supply high quality consistent silicone compounds to various market segments at a reasonable cost.  These market segments include the Hose, Roller, Gasket, Aero­space, Medical, Commercial, and Extrusion Industries, as well as other markets with silicone applications.  CST also provides Research and Developmen­tal Assistance, readily accessible Technical Service, and excellent Customer Service.  Many of our compounds are custom made and tailored to each customer’s requirement.

CST is compliant with ISO 9001:2008 and can provide compounds that meet Medical and FDA Standards.  All of our base polymers come from established and approved raw material suppliers such as Dow Corning, General Electric, Wacker Silicones and Shin-Etsu.  CST does not represent any one supplier, but instead selects the best components for each application. Our skilled Technical Department has extensive knowledge in the use and application of every product from each vendor.